Cumbria Skills Investment Plan

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The Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is committed to ensuring that Cumbria has a vibrant skills system that offers excellent learning environments and opportunities and is able to respond to the current and future needs of our economy.

Cumbria is on the brink of a genuinely transformational period of activity. Multi-billion pound investments in the energy and manufacturing sectors, alongside the growth of other prominent businesses located in the county, will create demand for tens of thousands of new jobs and will have an enormously beneficial impact on the economy.

The opportunities for Cumbrian residents to secure well paid, high quality employment should, with the right training and careers advice, will be greater than at any point in the last 25 years.

But significant skills and employment gaps  need to be overcome if Cumbria is to make the most of these once-in-a generation investments.

The Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership  has therefore produced a Skills Investment Plan in collaboration with employers, business organisations and the county’s network of colleges, universities and other education and training providers.

The Skills Investment Plan has been designed to enable the provision of skills and learning to meet the emerging needs of the county over the coming years.

It identifies capital and revenue priorities that will inform how the LEP deploys and influences funding for skills in Cumbria and sets targets against which we will measure our progress.

Press on the links to read the The Cumbria Skills Investment Plan, and the evidence base to support the plan. Cumbria Skills Investment PlanSkills Investment Plan Evidence Base




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