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Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership provides a strategic lead in all activities contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the county’s economy and takes positive action, using the skills, capabilities and networks of the LEP partners.

Our aim is to develop Cumbria’s economy while maintaining its uniqueness in terms of landscape, culture and quality of life.

The Partnership is about much more than allocation of funding and supporting applications for the Regional Growth Fund.

We want to create new working practices, making the most of opportunities to support private sector led investment and initiatives.

The activities of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership include:

▪   Championing the economic interests of Cumbria internationally, nationally, regionally and locally.

▪   Driving enterprise, innovation and growth in the Cumbrian economy, delivering real long-term growth in the most efficient and effective ways possible through both our rural and urban based businesses.

▪   Determining the areas of activity and opportunity which will deliver a real return on investment, as well as understanding the key long standing barriers to development.

▪   Stimulating job growth within the private, community and Third Sectors to compensate for job losses currently being experienced in the public sector and rebalancing the economy.

▪   Through the partnership, providing the economic and business intelligence, including trend analysis and projections, needed to help inform constructive decision making, sharing this with prospective investors.

▪   Developing a prospectus of opportunity, as a “living document” setting out current and future opportunities and the support on offer to potential investors and promoting those opportunities.

▪   Setting out our priorities for the Regional Growth Fund and other funding opportunities, and actively seeking and addressing those opportunities. We will provide a lead on priorities, and will engage people and organisations in coming forward with innovative solutions to business needs. Where there are gaps we will commission innovative programmes/projects to address those issues.

▪   Providing a single voice for Cumbria in influencing the development of EU policies which directly impact on Cumbria, and in championing opportunities for Cumbria to maximise the benefits of Europe including access to international markets and to funding.

▪   Working to establish effective networks with other LEPs with similar issues, sharing best practice, addressing joint issues and pooling resources.

▪   Strengthening Cumbria’s social fabric through pursuing the Big Society agenda to unlock the energies and resources of our communities in delivering innovative solutions to local issues.

As a LEP we’ve undertaken extensive research and consultation with businesses to develop our Key Priorities.

To support the above Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership works to influence the key activities of housing and planning, transport and infrastructure, employment and skills, business and enterprise development, transition to the low carbon economy and support for key sectors.

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