Assurance Framework

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Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is a strategic body, which brings together the private and public sectors to support economic growth across  Cumbria, incorporating the local administrative areas of the County Council and its six District and Borough Councils.

The Assurance Framework details the Local Enterprise Partnership’s robust value for money processes that enable funding to be delegated from central budgets and programmes via a single pot mechanism.

It explains how Local Growth Funds and wider funding routed through local government are allocated, and that there are robust local systems in place which ensure resources are spent with regularity, propriety, and offer value for money.

The Assurance Framework is made up of a number of documents. These can be accessed below:

Central Assurance Framework

Appendix 2 – LEP Board Terms of Reference

Appendix 3 – Investment Panel Terms of Reference

Appendix 4 – ESIF Committee Terms of Reference

Appendix 5 – Transport & Infrastructure Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Appendix 6 – Employment Skills AG TOR

Appendix 7 – Business Support Group Terms of Reference

Appendix 8 – Visitor Economy AG Terms of Reference

Appendix 9 – Rural Economy AG Terms of Reference

Appendix 10 – Technical Officers Group TOR

Appendix 11 – Kingmoor Park Enterprise Zone DB Terms of Reference

Appendix 12 – Scheme of Delegation

Appendix 13 – Cumbria LEP Scrutiny Committee TOR

Appendix 14 – Private Sector Advisory Panel TOR

Appendix 15 – Criteria for appointment of private sector Board members

Appendix 16 – Cumbria Leadership Board TOR

Appendix 17 – LEP Engagement and Communications Strategy

Appendix 18 – LEP Complaints Policy

Appendix 19 – LEP Social Value Statement

Appendix 20 – LEP Code of Conduct



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